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Tyndale seeks to help students deepen their relationship with the Lord through the intensive study of God’s word, and the proper response to it in their own lives. Tyndale is committed to helping students grow in maturity and godliness, through the development of exegetical skill in handling accurately the word of truth. Tyndale Learning Center in Mason, OH meets at Grace Baptist Church. The Tyndale Learning Center in Mason is an extension of Tyndale Theological Seminary and Bible Institute in Dallas, TX.

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The coming tribulation, the pre-tribulation rapture of the church, Christ's second coming, a kingdom on earth, a future for national Israel, . Learn why we believe these things. Join us for an introduction to biblical dispensationalism. Classes start Sunday, Sept 4, from 4-6pm, in classroom 215. Contact Pastor Jeff.

Additional classes: Bible Interpretation, Hermeneutics, Bible Survey, Basic Theology, books of the Bible

Website: www.tyndale.edu