Axis: Lives Revolving Around Christ

Axis is the College & Career Ministry of Grace Baptist Church. 

We are a diverse and fun-loving community of young adults (ages approximately 18-35) who enjoy doing life together while encouraging one another in our walk with Christ.

Our Tuesday night Worship Gathering and Bible Study is the core element of our elaborate and fun schedule. We would love to have you join us on Tuesday nights, and for our other amazing events, retreats, service projects, and social gatherings! 

Axis presents an opportunity to create meaningful friendships through fellowship with a diverse group of young adults pursuing Jesus.

Looking to get involved? We would love to share more information with you! 

For more info, contact us at or connect with us through our Facebook page. 


Below are some encouraging stories of how God is using the Axis group to impact young adults here in Cincinnati.

  • "A little over a year ago I was in a pretty lonely spot. Most of my community had left the state or country in the previous 4 months and I was living alone. I was miserable. I told my family that I was praying God would do something drastic by April or I was moving home to Cleveland. That week my Facebook feed was bombarded by pictures of an old friend from college. On a whim I reached out and within a week I was walking into Axis the first time. Within the next year, I found a home and a family I hadn't known I so desperately needed. Giftings and talents I had long since put on the shelf resurfaced. And energy to chase Jesus and be a light in this city suddenly became a reality. I never knew the value or strength that comes from having a community until I walked into Axis/Grace Baptist Church - and realized what I had been so desperately needing." - Abby Jane T.
  • “When I graduated from college in 2014 - I seemingly possessed everything that I needed to be happy. I had a relationship with God, tons of fun friends, a loving family, and an awesome job…yet I still found it all to be very empty. When I least expected it, God rocked my world by showing me what it REALLY meant to serve Him and be a part of His church. Grace Baptist Church and the Axis community are some of God’s greatest gifts in my life. They have revealed to me the Biblical truth that involvement in the local church is an integral part of pursuing a relationship with Jesus. We aren't called to live comfortably...we are called to serve selflessly for the glory of God. Walking in the Spirit is not an easy calling, but the JOY and FULFILLMENT found in pursuing God’s heart with a group of like-minded believers is absolutely unmatched. If you're looking for fellowship, growth, community, and an unbelievable amount of fun - then Axis is the place for you.” - Danny B.
  • “After leaving Cedarville University in 2016 I wondered if God would ever meet me where I was going next. Spoiler Alert: He did, He does, and He will. Axis was the intentional and biblical community that I had been craving ever since I left Cedarville, even when I didn’t know it. He used this group to bring me back to Him. Axis has been a place of growth, encouragement, and discipleship for me in my walk to know, love, and serve God more. And as a bonus it has given me a sense of family, something that I never thought I would find here.” - Jordan G.
  • "Right around the time that I visited Grace Baptist, I had been specifically praying to find a church, with 2 Timothy 2:22 very much on my mind and heart: "Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." Axis has been a way to pursue these things with other young people, which is very rare!" - Hannah H.
  • "I think our God delights in blessing us, especially in difficult times and in the most unexpected ways. As my faith has grown in Him, I’ve begun to pray for and hope in these unexpected blessings - His satisfying presence, His unconditional and steadfast love, His abundant grace - for myself and others as we navigate life. Over the past couple years, as I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the Axis community, God has been revealing to me how Axis is another unexpected blessing He has so graciously allowed me to experience. And, I am so thankful to Him for that. We are by no means perfect, but I am so encouraged by the outpouring of love, spiritual growth and overall focus on Christ I see in the Axis community. I am so thankful God has allowed us to walk this path of life together." - Charity C.
  • "Coming from a year of significant loss and change, God used the Grace Baptist Church/Axis community to take my broken and weary life to one of joy and purpose as I learned to truly know and love the Lord. Our weekly worship, study of the Word, and prayer were instrumental in my healing process. Not only was I able to grow in my knowledge of the Lord, but was able to be loved and love others in a way I never had before. This community provides so much encouragement as we come along side each other to chase after Jesus. The sense of family, love, and joy is tangible and the perfect backdrop to living a life for the honor and glory of Christ. To support each other in strengthening our faith, using our gifts and talents to serve, sharing the Gospel, and seeking fulfillment in Christ alone are some of the very best gifts from the Father. We cannot discount community, we were designed for it, and I am so very grateful for this forever family!" - Cassie L.